What differentiates ChallengeX from other methods?


First of all there is a differentiation due to our theoretical background. This implicates that we not only accept the complexity of each participant's challenge but that we are also aware that there are neither cookie-cutter answers to those problems nor a privileged view upon them. This also means that our ChallengeX course leaders may state their perspectives but in the end participants have to develop their unique and individual way forward. This is due to the fact that we move in areas that need change and innovation and thereby involve a strong element of unpredictability and uncertainty. We have a very clear principle not to take this uncertainty away, not to give any instructions or answers but to create a setting in which a variety of perspectives is created and from which participants can chose.


Another important aspect are the dynamics of power inherent to those challenges that involve relations with other people. These dynamics usually receive too little attention. Again we don't give instructions but offer an environment to reflect these dynamics.


The third issue, which is of course somewhat included in the other two, are contradictions and ambiguities that cannot be resolved. E.g. the discrepancy between work and private life that every manager faces. It makes a huge difference if one expects to find a solution for this problem or to know that this is basically a paradox that cannot be reconciled. We do not promise participants to find solutions but to reveal these ambiguities and try to make them understand that they are an inevitable part of complex challenges. This often presents a great relief for participants which in turn often results in creativity.


A distinct aspect of ChallengeX programs is the utilization of creative elements such as painting. There is no analysis, evaluation or interpretation of the paintings. Instead we focus on the experience that enables us to become aware of our issues in a different way. Painting in a free space creates a great freedom to open up to sometimes uncomfortable or unconscious issues and allows us to encounter them in a playful way.