What are the Benefits of ChallengeX?


There were a number of results that participants mentioned after attending
ChallengeX programs. Some of the most important are as follows.


  • Participants are able to develop concrete plans for action in respect to their most difficult problems.
  • Participants develop a new apprehension for the sort of challenges that others face. This means their whole paradigm of how they view complex changes and challenges is often radically transformed.
  • Participants learn how to speak in a manner in order to be understood and also how many dimensions their way of listening has. Their ability to communicate towards individuals as well as towards teams and organizations strongly increases.
  • Participants also improve their willingness to accept uncertain situations and to act and manage in such situations. They also improve their understanding of what emotions and reactions appear in such situations. They learn how to deal with crises in a more relaxed way or even to be able to predict them sometimes and react more effectively.
  • Participants learn about the rhythm of working. When do I have to become active, when can I let go, when am I still effective while working hard and when is it better to step back and take a break. This leads to better results and setting clear limits.
  • Participants increase their understanding of networks and how to effectively work in these. They learn how to delegate in order to achieve the necessary results and to see where difficulties arise and where to step in. This also involves a better apprehension of hierarchies and upward management.
  • Participant from intercultural and cross-functional groups greatly increase their understanding of those relations. They heighten their awareness of how innovation and effectiveness in a global context is based on bringing together the most diverse backgrounds. This means to respect each other's differences and to reveal them instead of covering them up.