Ariane Hagl




Ariane Hagl holds a Ph.D. in psychology and pedagogics from the University of Florence, Italy.

For the past 20 years she has focused her work on the subject of communication in difficult and complex areas where families and social systems go through a change process. Ariane worked with problem children and also supported people with reintegration issues.

From 1986 to 1988 Ariane worked as systemic family counselor with drug addicts at the ISAF in Florence. In the following two years she did counseling work with difficult teenagers and their families.

From 1991-1994 Ariane continued her counseling of drug addicts and also taught and consulted prisoners. From 1990-1994 Ariane completed her training in systemic family therapy at the Istituto di Terapia familiare in Florence. She also trained in the art therapy method of Anne Denner in Paris. In 1994 Ariane opened her own practice for art and family therapy in Elba.

In 2000 she moved to Munich where she launched her studio for creativity, the Atelier der Rote Faden. Since then her focus has changed from pure therapeutic work to the work with creative means and to areas such as creativity training, coaching, team development and communication training. Her cooperation with Herrmann and Associates began in 2000. Ariane also co-developed ChallengeX.

Her clients have included BMW, Agip, Academy for Palliative Medicine and EADS.