Peter Spang




Peter Spang is a former tennis professional. After his tennis career Peter developed Zennis, a method that takes the learnings of meditation to the field of sports which led to the publication of his book Zennis, Penguin Putnam, New York, 1998; Goldmann, Munich 1999.

Peter also developed a new methodology of coaching professional athletes and teams called Inner Coaching. In 1990 he began to use this method to work with executives and staff members, being one of the pioneers in bringing learnings from sport coaching into the world of business. 

In 1994 Peter entered a cooperation with Futures Unlimited, a UK based firm specialized in leadership development and coaching programs. Together they developed an innovative change approach for communities and non-governmental organizations focusing on advancing existing but yet unrecognized competencies of people.

Since 2000 Peter has been cooperating with Herrmann & Associates and he co-developed the ChallengeX Method.

In addition he has continued his own coaching practice. His clients have included BMW, EADS, Community of Liverpool, Community of Uppsala, Escada, OSKA, Médecins sans Frontières.