ChallengeX Leadership

ChallengeX Leadership is a fully developed and proven inhouse Leadership Development Program which is based on the ChallengeX method. The program is geared towards leaders and executives who are engaged in complex tasks, such as change projects or processes. Often these executives miss a qualitative area in their environment that allows them to take a step back and reflect the particulars of their current challenges. This can involve issues that lie beyond their traditional leadership expertise such as inter-company communication, cross-functional or cross-cultural cooperations, alliances or the dynamics of power.

A ChallengeX Leadership Program provides executives with a platform where to examine those difficult issues. Its setting simulates multifaceted and complex situations. Participants have to open themselves to very different people, different views and different cultures. The structure of the workshop forces them to focus on their most critical challenges and helps them to reveal and explore their intricacies. Yet it is not our goal to supply them with a set definition of leadership or to give them ready-made solutions but participants must develop their own answers during the Program. This frequently initiates a continuing learning process. Participants tend to take over a more entrepreneurial attitude towards their organization, which can positively influence its dynamic.

We may consider to integrate our approach into your existing leadership program set-up. It is also possible to integrate ChallengeX modules into your established leadership development programs.