Richard Pascale




Richard Pascale is an Associate Fellow of Oxford University. He was a member of the faculty of Stanford's Graduate School of Business for 20 years, and taught the most popular course in their MBA program - a course on organizational survival.


Dr. Pascale has worked closely with the CEOs and top management teams of many large corporations including AT&T, General Electric, The New York Times, Marriott, British Petroleum, Royal Dutch/Shell, British Gas, Cable and Wireless, Ciba Geigy, Intel, Chase Bank and Morgan Guaranty Bank. He has served as an adviser to top management and is an architect of corporate transformation programs for several Fortune 100 companies. He conducted research at General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, British Airways, Motorola, Honda, Mazda, Sony and Matsushita. He was a White House Fellow, Special Assistant to the Secretary of Labor, and Senior Staff of a White House Task Force.


In 2000 Dr. Pascale published Surfing the Edge of Chaos: The Laws of Nature and the New Laws of Business , which encompasses recent work on Complex Adaptive Systems. He also co-authored (with Anthony Athos), the best-selling book, The Art of Japanese Management . His 1990 book, Managing on the Edge: How the Smartest Companies use Conflict to stay ahead , received critical acclaim as one of the best business books of the decade.


Articles include “Surfing the Edge of Chaos,” Sloan Management Review, Spring 1999; “Changing The Way We Change,” Harvard Business Review, November-December 1997; and “The Re-invention Roller Coaster," Harvard Business Review, November-December.