Douglas Griffin




Doug Griffin holds a position as Visiting Professor and Associate Director of the Complexity and Management Centre Business School of the University of Hertfordshire, UK. Mr. Griffin has worked as an independent organization consultant over the past 20 years focusing on corporate culture and organization development. He has also been employed at the Ford Werke AG in Cologne and for 3M Germany in Neuss in strategic personnel development and organizational learning services.


In recent years he has specialized in the research and application of an approach which integrates insights into change processes coming from cultural and complexity theory. On this basis he has facilitated seminars and workshops for leading companies to promote awareness of the dynamics involved at the deep level of cultural change.
He has coached individuals and facilitated groups and teams across all levels in global organizations, in raising awareness of the patterns in their behavior and the con-sequences of their ways of working. The goal of this facilitation and intervention is to encourage and support innovation.


Mr. Griffin's recent clients include The World Bank Group, Washington, DC (Complexity and the learning organization) Degussa (Knowledge Management), EADS (Leadership and
Complexity), BMW (Complexity: A new paradigm for training and development) and 3M Europe (Leadership and complexity)


Mr. Griffin co-authored a number of articles and books with Patricia Shaw and Ralph Stacey, among them ”Speaking of complexity in management theory and practice", Organization Volume 5 No 3, August 1998; "Knowing and acting in conditions of uncertainty: a complexity perspective", Systemic Practice and Action Research Vol. 12 No 3 June 1999, Complexity and Management: Fad or radical challenge to systems thinking, Routledge, London and New York, 2000. He also published The Emergence of Leadership: Linking self-organization and ethics, Routledge, London and New York, 2002.