What is ChallengeX?


When working with leaders, executives and teams in complex change processes we observed that there are two kinds of challenges they face. For once there are those for which existing methods and techniques can be applied. But in these complex processes many people face challenges for which no standard recipes or concepts can be used. Those challenges are unique and complex. We sensed that there is a great lack of opportunities and freedom for executives to discuss such issues and to develop answers that fit those situations and problems.


ChallengeX therefore focuses on such challenges that lack a clear blueprint for action. This also explains the name. The term Challenge characterizes the difficult issues participants face and X signifies the uniqueness of those challenges and the individual situation of each participant.


The most important aspect of the ChallengeX curriculum is to allow participants to develop a multitude of perspectives on their own themes. But we believe it is also important to encourage them to reflect and respond to challenges other participants face in order to comprehend the variety of existing challenges. This implicates that there are no standard solutions and that everyone has to invent his or her own answers.